ITELab Innovative ITE Cooperation

Co-designed and tested over 3 cycles of pilots

In-class teaching modules

A: Teaching, Learning & Professional Development for Beginning Teachers (EN,IT,NO,PT)

B: Designing for Learning (EN,IT,NO,PT)

C: Working with Learners (EN,IT,NO,PT)

Online Course/MOOC

Networked Teacher- Teaching in the C21st

Content and Cooperation between Universities

ITELab focuses on the development of digital pedagogical skills of future teachers (primary and secondary), providing: content ideas for universities to adapt and use in their existing curriculum/creation of new courses; trialled and tested frameworks, content and practical activities.
In cooperation with our university and industry partners, we have co-designed and tested, with student teachers, three in-class flexible, teaching module frameworks (see below in this page). Each module framework is designed to fit within local university setting and context, structured along ECTS credit lines, and linked to the DigCompEdu Framework. These module frameworks can be integrated to fit with existing teaching, term dates and local assessments. Their implementation is very flexible. They can be used to inspire change, in part or whole.

In-Class Teaching Modules

Teaching, Learning & Professional Development for Beginning Teachers
In-class Teaching Module A
Designed to introduce and develop understanding, confidence and good practice, relating to digital, online resources and networks that connect to people and sources of pedagogical ideas, materials and personalised CPD: being a teacher in a digital world; widening the teaching and learning world. CEFR A2 Explorer Level. 5 ECTS.
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Designing for Learning
In-class Teaching Module B
 Designed to develop understanding, confidence , and good practice amongst beginning teachers relating to designing and teaching digital enhanced classrooms: learning design; meeting the digital design challenge; problems and projects. CEFR B2 Investigator Level. 3.5 ECTS.
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Working with Learners
In-class Teaching Module C
 Designed to introduce and explore principles and practical issues relating to working with learners and its value to the beginning teacher in programmes of formation and education: situational awareness in teaching and learning settings; reflection on, in and for classroom action; working on practice. CEFR B2 Investigator Level. 3.5 ECTS. Block option leading to Microsoft Innovator Educator.
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Online Course/MOOC

We have also developed a short, practical, free online course (MOOC) for future teachers, ‘The Networked Teacher'. The course aims to help student/beginning teachers become networked teachers, learning about active approaches to teaching  and learning and sharing ideas with their European peers.

The MOOC first ran in March 2018, followed in March 2019 and again in November 2019 to align with teaching terms where universities are offering it as part of their international course experience for their student teachers. The next version is scheduled to run again in Autumn 2020. 

Networked Teacher – Teaching in the 21st Century
Online course
A short practical course for future teachers aimed at becoming a ‘networked teacher', learning about collaborative and active approaches, using both technology and space, to teaching and learning. The course is – certificated, online, free. Introductory level. Basic level English.
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