ITE Forum

Welcome to the ITE Forum, where we want to inspire innovation in the training of student teachers in the pedagogical use of ICT in teaching and learning, supporting 21st century classrooms. 
Our aim is to stimulate the flow and exchange of knowledge between institutions, bringing together representatives from universities, industry and policy-makers, engaged in the field of initial teacher education (ITE). 
Join our ITE Forum webinar on 19th October on ‘Preparing student teachers for the Future Classroom.' Hear about the innovative practices in the integration of ICT in initial teacher education (ITE) curricula from three universities in Norway, Italy and Germany, highlighted in this summary of Initial Case Studies
The universities will discuss the changes they are making to their ITE curricula, challenges they face during this process and what recommendations they would give to other ITE institutions interested in developing Pedagogical Digital Competence in innovative ways. You will have a chance to ask them questions and engage in the ITE Forum. Make A DATE in your diary, to join us at the online ITE Forum, Thursday 19th October at 15h-16:30CEST (Brussels).  Click here  to join.
The ITE Forum is based on a series of monthly, online webinars, to:
  • exchange and discuss innovative best practices across institutions
  • review new open source course modules and MOOC (student teacher online course) being developed within the ITELab project
  • discuss recommendations to support student teachers, linking to schools and ongoing teacher continuous professional development (CPD).
How do I join the ITE Forum? 
  • Open to all – sign up to our newsletter, and we will send you details of the webinars.  These are open for anyone to attend. They will be recorded and the results posted in this Forum space (see below).
  • Join ITELab as an Associate Partner – to work more closely with us, please join us as an Associate Partner, especially if you are
  • a University delivering student teacher training, 
  • an industry player working with Universities in the field of delivering C21st education,
  • or a policy-maker/organisation working at European, National, Regional level in the field of initial teacher education. 

ITELab project overview

ITE Forum – 2017 webinar programme: Autumn dates to be finalised with speakers
June 21st
Knowledge exchange – briefing webinar
ITELab project introduction and the role of Associate Partners
Dorothy Cassells, ITELab Project Manager, EUN
Click here  for the recording
Design of new training for student teachers (Modules, student teacher MOOC)
Dr Conor Galvin, Director of University College Dublin's MA Education Programme
Bart Verswijvel, Future Classroom Lab Pedagogical Advisor, EUN
Click here  for the recording
October 19th,
15:00 - 16:30 
Knowledge exchange webinar 1
Initial case studies: ITELab university and industry partners. 
Joins us here.
November 16th,
16:00 - 17:30
Capacity Development Workshop @ EMINENT: innovating ITE curricula
ITELab modules and MOOC, survey results, early recommendations
Attendance at the EMINENT conference is by invitation only.  The plan is to stream the workshop to engage wider audience.
December 21st,
15:00 - 16:30 
Knowledge exchange webinar 2
Initial case studies: ITELab university and industry partners
Feedback from workshop, ITELab Forum Programme for 2018