Evaluation reports published on the first cycle of Spring 2018 pilots


ITELab partner, University of Würzburg publish their evaluation report on the Spring 2018 pilot phase testing of the ITELab teaching module for implementation in initial teacher education classes all over Europe named "teaching, learning, and professional development in the digital world", and a MOOC for preservice teachers about "the networked teacher – teaching in the 21st century".

The evaluation research questions considered: the feasibility and usefulness of materials and course; and, their pedagogical quality and effectiveness. The evaluation results contributed to the ongoing development of materials within the iteration of the design.

Overall, the evaluation revealed several confirmative conclusions. With regards to the research questions, evidence was found of a good feasibility and usefulness of the module and MOOC.  For example: student teachers found the module helpful for their future careers and rated it as "very useful" or "useful", they also described the MOOC contents as relevant and useful. Data pointed to the perceived pedagogical quality and effectiveness of both the module and MOOC. For example: student teachers in the focus group interviews described a range of knowledge aspects they gained, and of new things they learned in the module and MOOC.

Download the reports here:

Course Module Evaluation Report 1 (D5.2)

MOOC Evaluation Report 1 (D5.3)