Associate Partners


If you are interested in becoming an associate partner in ITELab, please read the Charter for Associate Partners here.

Beta-School, Israel
Bundesministerium für Bildung - BMB - The Federal Ministry of Education, Austria
D-Teach, Belgium
Ikastolen Elkartea - The Federation of Basque Schools, Spain
Newman University, the United Kingdom
Northumbria University, the United Kingdom
School of Education - Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal
School of Education of Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, Portugal
School of Education of Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal
SCoTENS  (the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South), Ireland
TELLConsult, the Netherlands
The Ministry of National Education (MoNE), Directorate General for Innovation and Educational Technologies (YEĞİTEK), Turkey
Triseum, United States of America 

ATEE - The Association for Teacher Education in Europe

The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) is a membership-based international not for profit association, which aims to enhance the quality of Teacher Education in Europe through active dialogue and international exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education.  The ATEE are constituted by about 300 individual members and 38 institutional members from 30 countries around the world. They work both within and outside higher education. The Association brings its members together in 19 different Research and Development Communities, and at its three annual conferences (Annual, Winter and Spring conferences). The R&D Communities are the heart of the association, teacher educators from all over Europe and beyond meet, exchange and co-operate. The RDCs are open to members and non-members.



Beta School, Israel 


Beta School was founded in Petah Tikva in 2015, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and local and national educational authorities in Israel. Beta School is a teaching laboratory for teachers and students that offers interactive workshops showcasing the use of technologies to support disruptive pedagogy for learning in the twenty-first century. Beta School aims to promote innovation in education. Beta-School bases its pedagogy on disruptive trends in education, with an emphasis on learning by doing in a three-step process: inspire, empower, and create. It uses Microsoft technologies to implement this process, or techno-pedagogical approach, to inspire the desire to learn, to empower learning through research, and finally to create something that embodies newfound knowledge. We believe that as a part of ITELab we would inspire ITE on implementing Beta School's theory and practice of education for today's digital world in the region. 



Bundesministerium für Bildung - BMB - The Federal Ministry of Education, Austria


The Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for the Austrian school system. The responsibilities in the area of education cover the entire school system, from primary school to the completion of secondary school education, as well as university colleges of teacher education. Adult education and lifelong learning also fall within their sphere of responsibility. BMB focuses not only on the general education system but also on technical and vocational education including schools for engineering, arts, business, tourism, agriculture etc. The Federal Ministry of Education cooperates with organisations focusing on education at European and international level. Activities of BMB are also related to teaching material, teacher controlling and school law, political education and educational