ITELab Case Studies (2018): Preparing student teachers for the future classroom - five case studies of university-school collaboration


Featuring examples from Norway (University of Agder), Ireland (University College Dublin), UK (Newcastle University), Italy (University of Perugia) and Portugal (Polytechnic Institute of Santarém).

The case studies show how university teacher education faculties are responding to the drive for more school-based initial teacher education, to ensure that new teachers are not only theoretically but also practically ready for tomorrow's classrooms.  Examples include school and university personnel co-designing study programmes featuring innovative methods and supporting  the development of digital pedagogical skills, jointly designing active learning spaces, and - remarkably - student teachers 'taking over' schools.  

What emerges from these case studies is a blurring of the boundaries between universities and schools, between university staff and teachers, and between student teachers and in-service teachers, for the benefit of all. Imaginative new learning spaces and joint projects help cement these new relationships and ensure that tomorrow's teachers are well prepared for tomorrow's schools.